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In late November 2019 during a work day I was working on a project that had being going on for some months, and then it hit a review stage where the quality assurance officer needed to check that it was working as intended. The process of checking the work involved a pre-made checklist of requirements and making sure everything is functioning as intended on multiple devices, different browsers and all at different resolutions. At a certain point there was an issue they were experiencing and they described what they did, I tried to recreate it to no avail which becomes frustrating at times.

I noticed that it became a common occurrence whether that was in that quality stage or trying to debug an issue for a customer, some times it would end with screenshots, videos or screen sharing which does make things easier but I wanted to something more. I searched for tools to see if I could find something that could close this gap, eventually I decided to develop something instead. I thought about what requirements I had as a developer to recreate an issue and it involved some questions:

What page are you on?
How did you get there?
What did you click or select?
How did you fill out that form?

When I figured out those questions I needed a format, I thought about building a website or creating some package but with they're not usable for everyone or wouldn't work in a practical sense and in the end "browser extension" sounded just right because it'll be usable for anyone. An export to JSON seems suitable enough and those who aren't familiar can find many tools out there to make it readable. I made it free so it's accessible to anyone that would be interested whether you are a hobbyist, in education or professional from junior to senior anyone should be able to test a website.

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