Retrace Your Digital Steps

A codeless way to document your test steps.
Easy to use and easy to read.

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Create your tests and recreate issues with ease.

Record your user journey through clicks, page loads, forms submissions and more.
If you struggle with recreating an issue, we'll provide the data in an easy to read format which can be exported.


After you've installed the extension you can test straight away.

Everything you do in the browser will be recorded whether that is a page load, form submission or clicking a button.

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Opening the extension from the browser gives you an overview in terms of totals per type.

The data stored can be deleted by you at any point and there is no back-up as we don't store any data, the browser does.

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When you click the "View All Step Details" link the testing dashboard will appear in a new tab.

Here you will find all details per action that was recorded.

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You can either click the Export JSON button from the dashboard or the icon to copy the step to your clipboard.

JSON Formatter & Validator is one of the tools that we use to make the JSON readable.

QAide Extension - JSON Example

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Create and add notes for steps

Add images to each step

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